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Do you build new schools?
No. The IDP Rising Schools Program invests in communities by targeting existing schools that reach the most poor at the very bottom of the economic pyramid. It is important to respect, recognize and empower the realistic efforts of the poor to educate their children through these already established low-cost private schools.
What’s included in school proprietor trainings?
The Program consists of 9 trainings in school management and financial literacy. Each training is a full day and the trainings are one week apart. The proprietors must complete homework and attend all of the training in order to graduate from the program.
How does microfinance in education work?
Financial instability creates barriers to education. Microfinance is a source of financial services for entrepreneurs lacking access to banking and related services to promote education improvements. The IDP Rising Schools financial model in education allows previously unbankable clients access to six different targeted loan products that specifically address the cash flow challenges of a school.
What makes your program unique?
The IDP Rising Schools Program is the first of its kind. Never before has there been a training program targeted at low-cost school owners that enables them to take loans to improve their schools. These type of schools need access to capital in order to create a stable learning environment for their children.

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The IDP Rising Schools Program is expanding and the school leaders in Ghana need your help.

The IDP Rising Schools Program seeks your support to expand its operations in Ghana. Donate at the $50 level or above and the IDP Foundation will double your impact by matching your gift. Help these community members provide children with the education they deserve!

About the IDP Foundation

Government schools in rural Africa do not provide the oversight and resources required to ensure that children are learning. This has led to the widespread phenomenon of private schools that serve the poor. Community members are taking education into their own hands by establishing schools that charge minimal fees (around $15 per term) in exchange for the assurance that teachers will be actively engaged in educating their children.

However, these schools lack infrastructure and require additional support. In partnership with Sinapi Aba Trust (a Ghanaian microfinance institution), the IDP Rising Schools Program provides extensive training to owners of existing private schools for the poor coupled with access to microfinance loans in order to improve their management and infrastructure, thereby enhancing the learning environment for children.

In 2009 the IDP Foundation, Inc., in partnership with Sinapi Aba Trust commenced the IDP Rising Schools Program. As Sinapi Aba Trust expands the program, the IDP Foundation will continue to be committed and provide oversight. This program provides the first necessary step in creating improvements that address the needs of hundreds of thousands of forgotten children.